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Instant Snack

A delicious snack in-a-bottle, meal replacement or snack substitute.

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All of my formulas:  Formula #7, Formula #9, plus several others are available in liquid extract form.  They are exclusively formulated to perfection by a highly skilled professional in the field of extract production.  This will be true of all my extracts, whether they be single or multiple content.  My formulas will be made from the best herbs available, organically grown, of course. 


Extracts afford the very best and easiest way to enjoy supplements.  I will have formulas for children as well as for everyone else.  Senior citizens are very special to me, as I am one.  Many of us, as well as, many of any age, often find it very difficult to take pills or capsules.  I am one of those.  So the answer for me is liquid extracts; my own, of course.


“Instant Snack” a formula for all ages, terrific for any time, terrific for commuters, keeps energy level up.  Also good to keep in mind, I can have from the formula “Instant Snack” nutrients, without calories.  This is going to be most popular for all ages – toddlers, teens, plus everyone else.  This is wonderful for seniors.  One can make a tea by adding a dropper full to every cup of hot water.  Add a dropper full to fruit juices, or enjoy it like I do, a dropper full under the tongue.  Delicious!!


Formula #7:  Extract name- Hair and Nails


Formula #9:  Extract name- Energy


Ginkgo Biloba Extract:  Grape Seed Extract


Everyone should have – Our “Instant Snack”


Extracts Available in 2 oz. 


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