Dr. Hornsby Will Host Her Own Weekly Talk Show

"Health and Beauty" Live on Radio Station

WALE 990 AM Greenville/Providence, Rhode Island

August 7, Monday… 3 to 4 PM Eastern Time and Each Monday Thereafter

Inside Providence 401 621 WALE or Toll Free 877 621 WALE

We have been invited to host a one-hour live talk show, our show "Health and Beauty" will be broadcast live on radio station WALE in Providence, Rhode Island.

It is my great privilege to serve many people who have received encouragement from having either read some of my books and articles, which made a difference in their lives.

How about a school drop out who returned to school and graduated after receiving her copy of "Teens I'm For You". She went on to a productive life… or… how about a fine lawyer… who told me of having bought the little book as a 7th or 8th grader… he told me that the book made a terrific impact on his life and he still has the copy in his library… at the time he told me this, 25 years had passed.

How about the many who have lost weight with our products and have gained new outlooks on life and who enjoy a feeling of well-being. Our products give results… good results.

How about the customer… over 75 years young… after enjoying Dieter's Delight for years… learned about our Formula #7 Designed for hair, nails, and complexion… in 1993 began taking #7's… with the results of having a full head of hair… after over 30 years of being bald. His hair grew back over a large bald spot which he had over 30 years… he was thrilled indeed and wanted to tell everybody… he was tall, stately, and slim… with a head of hair which made him look years younger to say the least… to me he would pass for about a 50 year young man…

How thrilling to have received a Thank You letter from a Missionary in Mexico whose face and neck were badly burned with boiling water. She used my Soothing Gel… results were wonderful… no blisters to leave scars… she was and still is very grateful.

How about the little boy who sat on my store floor as a very young child… enjoying looking at books from my bookshelf (before he could read… as his mother shopped) who is today a computer engineer.

It is with great joy that I will be able to encourage more by means of our radio program.

We will discuss how to lose weight without serious dieting with our all natural, stimulant free formula Dieter's Delight… also I will give tips on how to care for skin to maintain a more youthful glow and help prevent skin from showing wrinkles too early… and how to pamper and care for your body, too… thereby with the goal of looking and feeling better than our years.

We have been advised that our station will join the ranks of the thousands of radio stations that offer their programs on the internet… as and when proper equipment is installed for internet broadcasting… our program may join the ranks of being broadcast live on the internet… something terrific, to say the least. This is in the offing.

How about the numbers of customers over the years who have bought my Aloe Vera Soothing Lotion which is an all-in-one beauty lotion… a cleanser, moisturizer, a hand and body lotion who buy this lotion in numbers at a time… so they will always have it on hand… nurses really like my goodies… this lotion is one of my secrets for almost wrinkle free, very smooth, glowing complexion… and very smooth young looking legs…

It is true that with "A Little Encouragement" one may realize his great potential and become more than he or she ever dreamed…

We are certainly hopeful of having our products available in stores soon… however… you may contact us anytime… you may email us with questions about skin care and or weight loss… our address is, of course… marie@selectway.com Thanks for this privilege….

What about our "Body Lufra" and our "Sunless Indoor Self-Tanning Lotion"? These could be offered in sets only at this time and to dealers only… just wanted you to know such is available. Of course, we could design health and beauty products "Made-To-Order".


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