Dear Dr. Hornsby,


I started using “Instant Snack” January 24, 2001.

I noticed that I had more energy within one or two days.

I am currently in my menopause stage with severe symptoms.

After just two to three days of enjoying “Instant Snack” my symptoms became less and less noticeable.  After about seven days of enjoying “Instant Snack”, I am now menopausal symptoms free.

P.D. used by permission


This customer has been using several of our products for about fifteen years.










I am very fortunate to have one of the best, if not the best, marketing consultants.

He tested my finished product:  Instant Snack……….


This is what he thinks

(Used by permission)


“Hi Marie! – Try to use this: 

Recently, while traveling with my wife to Sante Fe, New Mexico, we were both tired, but did not want to take the time to stop and eat.  Instead, I remembered I had a small bottle of Dr. Marie Hornsby’s ‘Instant Snack’.


This wonderful little ‘Snack in a Bottle’ saved us!  It’s delicious flavor, along with it’s energizing effects kept our appetites at bay and allowed us to make a normally grueling 7-hour trip, a breeze!  


I heartily recommend ‘Instant Snack’ to anyone.  It’s a perfect meal replacement for every consumer, from student to truck driver.”

T.W., Boulder, Colorado



“Instant Snack” is terrific for seniors


From November 1997 to July 1999, my husband had 5 surgeries, 4 of which were major…2 major cancer, 4 bypass, and colostomy reverse…Going for check-ups and the constant caring for Tom, created, for me, a good case of Chronic fatigue.  Tom will be seeing 3 different specialists for the rest of his life every two to three months.  He is doing fine now.  “Instant Snack” has really given him pep.  He really looks as if he has not been ill.  We are so thrilled. 


For me, “Instant Snack” really put me back on track.  This is a new product.  I started enjoying “Instant Snack” last August.  In a very short time, my Chronic fatigue had vanished.  Another thing of note, I have never been a morning person.  I am now that I started enjoying “Instant Snack”.  I enjoy 2 droppers, 3 times a day; 4 times a day when I am very busy.  My days start very early.  “Instant Snack” gives me “a new spring in my step.”  Also, we took a rather long trip, for business meetings, and I returned home noticing a total absence of tiredness.


“Instant Snack” will certainly be an answer for energy for many.  It is delicious!  It’s like having a bowl of fruit, only in liquid form.  Young children can benefit greatly, too.  Just everyone of all ages may enjoy it.  Think of the many who don’t have time for breakfast before dashing out to school or work, etc.  “Instant Snack” can surely be an answer.  Commuters should definitely have a bottle on hand.


I love designing health and beauty products.  My customers over the years have been so appreciative.  Many, over the years, have stated, “I want to look just like you!”  Here is my answer, honey:  “You can look better than I do.” It is a joy to have this new product.  I think it is my best yet.  It is alcohol free, too!!!



J. Marie Hornsby, N.D.



(used by permission)


"Before I tried the "Instant Snack" , I was always tired and worn out. I just could not get enough sleep. After I tried "Instant Snack", I was much more energetic and even found the time to do the things that I was too tired to do before"  C.W.

This letter comes from a lovely high school student.




Dear Marie:

I have been enjoying several of your products for over ten years.....Lotions......Dieter's Delight.....Hair and Nails Formula.....Plus others.....but.....your "Instant Snack" is tops on the list!

I am an "Ultra Busy" grandmother. I find that it gives me tremendous energy........I could not do all the things I do without the energy "Instant Snack" gives to me. I'm noticing less and less fatigue.

Everybody should be introduced to "Instant Snack"