Businesswoman goes high-tech with alternative health pitch

By Mike Lacy

The Sun Herald


Gulfport- Marie Hornsby, and her line of nearly 30 lotions and health food products, has gone high-tech in her push to become nationally recognized.

            The self-starting Gulfport businesswoman, who began 57 years ago in the cosmetic business, has developed her own Web site on the Internet and just ended a four-month radio show with one of the biggest stations in New England.

            She’s a walking testimonial for her healthcare and cosmetic products.

            “See,” she said as she pointed down her youthful-looking legs to her heels before a recent interview.  “Smoooth.”

            Her products are researched and developed in her home.  She sends the products to two manufacturers – one for cosmetics and one for extracts – who refine the products to her specifications and bottle them.

            Now, she also has a national marketing firm that will help her promote her products.  The first big push will be with her instant snack, a health food supplement.

            She still sells items at Honey in the Rock, a Christian store full of her products and literature, on Three Rivers Road.  But she intends to go more to an international wholesale business rather than retail.

            And usually when she intends something, it happens.

            In August, she delighted the producers of WALE-AM in Providence, R.I., and, until her contract ended earlier this month, had an hour-long radio talk show, “Health and Beauty.”  She did the show from her home over the telephone.

            Her Web page,, has testimonies by consumers, descriptions of her products and order forms.

            She said that in 1983, she learned she had a heart problem because of being overweight.  Instead of taking medications, she lost the weight through the use of natural foods.  Thus began her trek into health food and beauty product development.

            Hornsby said appearances – not necessarily good looks – have always been important to her.

            “I never remember being dirty,” she said.  “I’ve always been a nice, clean person.  I believe in dressing up nice.”

            Added Hornsby: “I want to help people be beautiful.”


Reprinted by permission.

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